What is AppValley ?

AppValley App is one of the Cydia alternatives, an unofficial app store with 3rd-party apps and games.

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About AppValley?

AppValley app could be seen as similar to Cydia, an unofficial app store that contains a decent choice of unofficial apps and games. It doesn’t require Cydia to work, and that means anyone can use it in safety. Check out the ( infographic ) about AppValley below.

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App Valley Features:

  • The download tutorial is easy to follow
  • Support provided for iOS 7 and above, on all iOS devices
  • Also works on Android ( limited support )
  • Safe to use reliable and updated regularly
  • Loads of apps and games that you can’t get from any other source
  • Lots of unofficial apps and games
  • Free to download and free to use

How to Download AppValley:

Downloading AppValley isn’t too tricky, but it does require your full attention; it isn’t quite the same as downloading an app via the official stores. Neither the iOS AppStore or Play Store will host AppValley, not because it isn’t a safe app to use but because it is a rival app store, offering content that they don’t approve of.  It is safe, it is secure, and you can get all the details on downloading it at the link below :

While App Valley is an excellent alternative to Cydia, it is not a replacement. Because it doesn’t access the root of the iOS, it cannot offer anywhere near what Cydia did, but it does give us enough to be going on with. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who never wanted Cydia but did want a few extra choices to download from. Being free to download and use, App Valley is well worth a few minutes of your time to download and try it; if you don’t like it, you can delete it quickly enough, quicker than it took to install it, leaving your device as it was before App Valley was installed.

Give AppValley a try; you might just be surprised at what’s in it. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates and news.


AppValleyApp.com is a free resource website that provides tutorials and videos to download 3rd-party apps on your smartphone. This website is not associated with the original developer of AppValley app and does not host any pirated apps or game files. We do not promote piracy. The tutorials and guides on this website are solely for educational use.

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31 thoughts on “What is AppValley ?”

  1. Can you make the app called (in italian) “In forma correndo” of Verv Inc. free? It is an app with the icon of a flame and it is used for running and lose weight. A few month ago it was free but now we have to pay a subscription.
    Thanks you, you are doing a great job.

  2. Does this appvalley allow us to anonymously download app from its store without Apple knowing that we download apps from the appvalley store? Please respond. I really want to anonymously download it.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for Appvally 😁😁😁

    Just one thing I have it installed and got some great apps from it just there is a lot of the apps that does not have a “get” button next to it and if you select the app it only gives you info about the app and its tweaks, envy idea why?

  4. Hi! Is there any way you guys could get infinite pearls in the game tap tap fish? I love your version of the app but that is my only complaint. Thank you!

  5. App valley is not allowing me to download any app and if it ever does it says it cannot connect to AppEven and doesn’t download, the only app that lets me click the “get” button is Spotify fix, any other app doesn’t have the get button.

  6. Can this app be used to make your iPhone look different?

    I want to see if there are additional features generally not available to iPhone but possible through AppValleyApp.

    I’m also curious to see the reply for Jack’s question posted in June.

    • Désolé, l’application AppValley n’est pas disponible pour Android. Mais il existe des alternatives comme l’application Appvalley pour les appareils Android pour le téléchargement de fichiers APK

  7. I would like to add an app to the store, that would be to improve phone performance, and would only show one popup ad when it runs. Can I add an app to the App Valley store? Please email me. Thank you.

  8. Thank the gods for AppValley! Can you guys add Netflix or Hulu. And can you email me when you will finish updating Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack?

  9. Hello AppValley team
    Please update VK 2.6

    Version 2.6

    Tweak version gives you advanced features VK application:
    – Offline music
    – Invisible man
    – Change the interface
    – Complete absence of advertising

  10. I have download the profile and have trusted the certificates. But when I download poke go vip+ (Is poorer vip) it download then it shows grey app can’t do anything with that and once I tap on it. It shows unable to install please try agin later. I have tried few times but still shows the same thing.


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