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Unofficial play stores like AppValley Android Store are the new go-to for modified and free content, and it’s all Free.

appvalley android

Completely Free?

Absolutely. As an Android user, you don’t even need to root your device to do this. This means that you can easily install modified content on your Android device in the same way that you would download an app from the official Play Store .

Does it get better?


Installing AppValley is very simple and takes no more than a minute or two if you follow our steps carefully.

Download AppValley Android APK:

APK File (2.9MB)

  1. First, tap the button above to download the APK to your device
  2. Double tap on the file and it will be installed to your Android device; leave it until the process has finished.  appvalley android apk
    appvalley android apk
  3. Look on your home screen; the AppValley icon should be there
  4. Open your Android Settings app and tap Security
  5. Find and enable the option for Unknown Sources; otherwise, the app won’t unknown sources
  6. Now you can use any unofficial APK file on your device without any trouble. appvalley android apk
  7. If it’s not working for you, then try an alternative app installer like AppValley.

AppValley APK Files:

There are plenty of useful apps that you can download onto your device including the following:

AppValley Android Features :

AppValley is an unofficial app store that was originally released for iOS users. Given the high level of adoption and an increase in demand, the developers have now opted to support Android devices too. AppValley is one of the most comprehensive app installers, packed with apps, games, Cydia tweaks and more and much of it will not be found anywhere else than in this installer.

Here’s what you get:

  • No need to root your device
  • You don’t need your email address or Email ID to sign in
  • Your warranty cannot be voided
  • User-friendly app, easy to navigate and use
  • Built-in cache cleaner
  • Thousands of apps and games
  • Tweaks, themes, ringtones, modified apps, and more, all free
  • Regular updates bring new features and security fixes
  • Loads more cool features

Sound good?

Give it a go. AppValley for Android is really easy to get, and it’s free

What have you got to lose?

Nothing, so give yourself a treat and download AppValley on your Android device today.

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Alternative Apps:

If the Android version of App Valley is not working for you or you want to try something better, then try the ACMarket app. Its a dedicated Android solution for downloading modified APK apps and games.

acmarket app

ACMarket App

Note: The links above are the only official links for the installer. Search the internet, and you will find a ton of false links that are nothing more than spam or, worse, malicious files in disguise.

Use the links we provide to download AppValley onto your Android device today and take advantage of a vast number of modified and free apps and games that you won’t get from anywhere else. If you do run into trouble with it, let us now, and we’ll do our best to fix things for you. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, and we’ll make sure you get all the attest updates, news, and cool Android app tips.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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    • Appvalley APK file has been updated. Please note that its still on beta and limited support for Android devices. You may want to try out an alternative app, listed above , like Acmaret app

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