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AppValley offers thousands of free apps and games , all free and all without needing to “ROOT” your device. This is why AppValley is such a popular choice. It is user-friendly and you can download all apps and games on your  Android device very easily. The user interface also lets you see updates to those apps too.

appvalley apk

AppValley Android APK :

moviebox app icon 120pxGet APK
spotify plus icon smallGet APK
bobby movieGet APK
am plusGet APK
happychick icon smallGet APK
123 movies emus4u smallGet APK

Will it Void Warranty of my Android Phone ?

No, AppValley will not void your warranty because it is a legal app installer and the developers work hard to keep it that way. It is legal and safe because it does not require access to the root of the firmware. That means it doesn’t need to break through the security that Android places in the device firmware and doesn’t contravene any of their rules. AppValley Android APK is updated very regularly with security and enhancements and the developers urge you to install every update. If you are at all worried about your warranty, say you need to take your device to an service store for some reason, delete it and then you can install it gain when you want it.

APK Files Stop Working Fix :

Yes, they will. Although Appvalley is perfectly legal to use, you don’t download it via the playstore and that means that the providers doesn’t see it as an official app. The certificate will be revoked within a few days of you installing the apk files and all you can do is reinstall it – every time they revoke it. There is a way to stop this happening; you can install a VPN on your device. Your app certificate will be protected, as will your data and identity. Because PlayStore cant track where the app came from, they cant see the certificate and that means it cant be revoked. It doesn’t take up much room on your device, uses very little in the way of resources but is incredibly powerful. Save yourself the hassle of installing the APK files over and over by installing a VPN and protecting your apps.

AppValley Alternative :

 acmarket app

If you don’t want to wait for the chance to download modified content, have a look at ACMarket.

This is a third-party Android app store with thousands of Android apps, many modified or tweaked with extra features and you can find out more at the link above.

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