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Are you looking for AppValley for Android? Want to download APK files of your favorite apps? Then keep reading.appvalley android apk

Update: At the moment, the AppValley app only supports the iPhone and iPad. We recommend the HappyMod app for Android users. The download link is given below.

HappyMod APK Link 1

HappyMod APK link 2

How to Install HappyMod APK:

  1. First, tap the button above to download the HappyMod APK file to your Android device
  2. Double-tap on the file, and it will be installed to your Android device; leave it until the process has finished. 
  3. Look on your home screen; the app icon should be there
  4. Enable the option for Allow from this Source; otherwise, the app won’t work.
  5. You will find the HappyMod app on your homescreen. Tap to launch the appacmarket app
  6. Now you can download and use any 3rd-party APK file on your device without any trouble. HappyMod

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions by Android users.

  • How Do I Get AppValley on my Samsung?

Sadly, the AppValley installer was released for iOS devices. If you are looking to download unofficial apps apk files on an Android device, we recommend downloading the HappyMod app, linked above.

  • How to Download AppValley on Android?

No. You cannot download Appvalley on Android. AppValley was made only to support iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. To get the unofficial apps and tweaks on an Android phone, you need to download an appstore just like the AppValley app. The app we recommend is the HappyMod app, and it’s Free

  • Why does AppValley not work on Android?

Since AppValley was not created for Android, if you downloaded the iPhone installation file on an Android device, it will not work. For Android users, we recommend the HappyMod app, which can be downloaded from the link above.

  • What is Better than AppValley?

Thankfully we have put together a list of Top app installers like AppValley that allows the download of 3rd-party apps and tweaks on your device. You can find them on the linked page.

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61 thoughts on “AppValley Android APK”

    • Hi Brock, as you read above, AppValley app for Android devices was never released officially as the developers wanted to focus all their efforts into Apple devices only. We recommend using the ACMarket App or Panda Helper app ( linked above) appstore for Android for a similar experience.

  1. I want to hack Pokémon and that is possible with appvalley. this is not possible with AC market. do you have an idea for this?

  2. Error verification message even after downloading opening playing and listening to apps podcast etc. Tried to delete to start over but I can’t do that either. Help.

  3. I hate to break your hearts about ACMarket for android, dont have pokemon go, so if you know of another app please let me know, thanks..

  4. Bonjour

    À quand une maj de l’application pour les téléphones (XZ2)?
    Acmarket n’a pas de GPS ou l’ont peut marcher…

    • Bonjour
      nous allons ajouter app shift pour les téléphones
      Les développeurs d’applications Acmarket ont été informés …

  5. Installation impeccable, mais jai un soucis avec Pokémon go quand je veut me connecter sa me lance vers le play store pour mettre a jour le jeu.

    • AppValley is not available on Android. Please download ACMarket app from the link above. It supports all AppValley AppStore apps.

  6. Ya tengo la apk installer y ac market ya descarge los juegos y cuando empiezo a jugar no salen los mod de los juegos me sale con 0 gemas y 0 de dinero tengo que ganarme todo en los juegos no sé cómo arreglar esto

    • Not in the future timeline as there are several alternatives for Android users ( The ones linked above ). It’s hard to maintain two separate appstore versions for iOS and Android, and our small team gets overwhelmed with the humongous task.

    • Oops, no. Panda Helper app ( linked above ) is an alternative of AppValley for Android users. AppValley was developed to work exclusively on iOS devices ( iPhone, iPad, iPod ). Many users are looking for AppValley Android APK. This page guides them to download the most reliable alternative ( we keep this page updated ), where they get the same/similar experience, which makes AppValley app so popular among mobile users, worldwide.

    • desculpe pelo problema. Use os links de download acima para baixar o novo arquivo APK no seu celular e instalar jogos grátis a partir daí.

  7. On my previous Samsung phone I had AppValley and it worked perfectly fine but my new s10e only lets me us the other app. But this new app won’t work please help

  8. Wow so you guys just completely disregard all the android users around the world? Literally the vast majority of people around the world use android over apple, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you guys. I’ll be sure that I never do anything to contribute in any way to the people in charge of developing this app exclusively for Apple. Absolutely pathetic. Texting my sister right now to tell her to delete his garbage from her iPhone.

    • Hi JD, we understand your frustration. But due to limited resources, the developers of AppValley have only decided to work entirely on iOS devices. Please use the alternative listed above as it provides a similar experience for Android users. Apologies for not being able to serve you.


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