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Are you using AppValley instead of Jailbreak your iPhone? Finding that it doesn’t really offer what you are looking for? AppValley is an excellent alternative to jailbreaking, and it has thousands of apps and games, but it can’t have everything.

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The good news?

There’s plenty more to choose from

AppValley isn’t the only app installer, so we’re going to tell you about three more.


Let’s get started


emus4u app

Emus4U is an unofficial app installer, an alternative to Cydia for iOS users. The installer allows you to download from thousands of apps and games, some of which can’t be downloaded from the iOS app store, and many of which are game emulators with new features.


tutuapp icon

TutuApp is an excellent alternative, offering a whole load of apps, games, tweaks and more, including unofficial apps and games.

But it also offers more tweaks than many others, including the all-important games emulators, one of the main reasons why Cydia was popular, and there are a few to choose from in Tutu App. And it has support for Android devices too.

Panda Helper:


Panda Helper is one of the most popular alternatives to App valley with thousands of apps, games, and tweaks to choose from, more than most of the other installers available today. Copy-paste link in the browser.

With so much on offer, you can choose from apps like MovieBox and tweaks.

We’re not done yet



The last alternative is one of the most active. TweakBox is a strong installer, with more apps and games than many others and with an admin that never stops monitoring and improving their app

TweakBox offers popular 3rd-party apps and tweaks. And regular updates keep it safe, stable and updated with more new content.

All of these are great alternatives to Cydia, to AppValley and to the official App Store

Can it get any better?

Yes, it can


Every one of these installers is entirely free

That’s right.  FREE


Then go ahead and change how you download your apps and games forever. Try any one of these alternatives today and don’t forget to let us know which one you choose and why.

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52 thoughts on “Apps Like AppValley”

  1. Hello, when I click on the games I have downloaded they load up but then freeze and force me out of it, do you know what I can do?

    • hi Liam, you have to try these other alternatives listed above. There are currently some issues on appvalley app causing such problems.

    • hi, please try downloading pokemon go hack after some time. As there is a downtime with AppValley at the moment.

  2. Bonjour TweakBox ainsi que appvalley les lien marche mes sa donne pas les vrai appli donc je n’y est pas accès et les autres appli ne contienne pas pokemon go++ PRO pls aidez moi

    • À l’heure actuelle, le téléchargement d’AppValley et de TweakBox ne fonctionne pas en raison de certificats expirés par Apple. S’il vous plaît essayer après un certain temps

  3. So none of the apps are working for iPhone 8
    At all no available game downloads for the emulator,
    and no instructions on how to fix this,
    I just want to play my gambit games ,
    Can you lease me in a direction that will let me play the games on my phone

  4. I’m on the IPhone 11 and I just downloaded Appvalley, but whenever I click on an app to the download or press get, it won’t react and I cant download it.

  5. AppValley only works for a couple days and then it stops and when you go back on the app it says unavailable. Can you please fix this issue people are depending on this app.

  6. Hola!
    App valley no me esta funcionando correctamente desde hace 4 días, solo me deja instalar Spotify, las demás apps no tienen la función de instalar, que puedo hacer?

  7. Hey so this is a tricky one… I can no longer access Safari on my iPhone 8 as I don’t have the restrictions password. Is there any way I can still download appvalley or its alternatives? I should also mention I’m on IOS 13, so there might not be an updated version I can get ahold of at the moment

    • hi, you need to figure out a way to install the configuration profile of the Appvalley app. It will then install on the home screen. Alternatively, use Cydia impactor to directly install IPA files of apps without AppValley.

  8. I was trying to get musically as I saw on a YouTube video, but it didn’t show up. I also need help finding out how to delete the file from my device.

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