Do you know what really irritates me? Not being able to save a YouTube video to watch later. The stock app doesn’t allow you to do this and we don’t all have time to watch videos straight away. There is an answer though – it’s called Cercube.


And it’s free

App Features:

The answer lies in an external app installer called AppValley.

I’m getting ahead of myself here

Let’s just see what this app offers before we download it

  • Cercube supports 4 different languages – English, Arabic, Italian and German
  • It integrates fully with the stock YouTube app
  • Choose between downloading the whole video or just the audio track
  • Choice of download qualities
  • Easily share video downloads with others
  • Supports PiP
  • Import your downloads to Videos or Music app
  • Plenty of other cool features

This is the important bit

How to Download Cercube:

First, the direct download links:


Cercube App ( 96.2MB )


Direct Download Link 1

Direct Download Link 2

Direct Download Link 3

Direct Download Link 4

Now, AppValley. One of the most comprehensive third-party installers, AppValley offers thousands of apps and games and, like Cercube, many of them are unofficial apps.


Let’s dive in

  1. Open AppValley and tap a download link
  2. Tap Install and wait
  3. When you see the AppValley icon, you can use it
  4. Open AppValley and search for Cercube
  5. Tap it and follow the directions in-app to install it
  6. Enjoy all the extra features it brings.

Crazy simple, isn’t it?

Can The App Get Revoked?

revoked error

Unfortunately, Apple will revoke the certificate because App Valley is not an official app. At the end of the day, it is a kind of app store, competition for Apple and not something they are going to allow in the app store. Because of that, within a few days of installation, they are going to revoke the certificate, and you will be left needing to install the Appvalley installer again. One way to prevent this is to install a VPN? How does this work? By protecting your data and your online browsing habits, the locations you download software, like these, from, are hidden; the certificate cant be revoked, and you can carry on using it in complete safety.

Don’t waste time. Download AppValley and get Cercube on your iPhone or iPad today.

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