CotoMovies is one of the top-rated apps for watching TV shows and movies without any restrictions. It beats the movie apps in the iOS app store hands down because it offers so much choice and features that none of the other apps provide.

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For starters, there are thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from, including many HD movies and all the latest releases. You don’t have to stream directly if you don’t want to, you can download your movie or show to watch offline later; the choice is yours. What you can’t do is download CotoMovies from the app store but read on, and we’ll tell you how to download it onto your iOS device easily.

How to Download CotoMovies:

There are many ways to download the app onto your iPhone or iPad so choose a method and follow the steps :

Download Link 1 Download Link 2

AppValley is one of the top-rated Cydia alternatives, offering a vast choice of modified content, along with apps you can’t download from the iOS app store. CotoMovies is just one of those apps and here’s how to get it:

  1. Download AppValley onto your iPhone or iPad using the tutorial at the link
  2. Open AppValley by tapping the icon on your homepage appvalley app icon
  3. Search for the app name in AppValley
  4. Tap the result and then tap Install
  5. You will see the app icon on your homepage when the installation is finished

Tap that icon and start watching all your favorite movies and shows. If the installation was not successful, repeat the steps.

When you use the app for the first time, you may see an Untrusted Developer error; don’t worry, all we need to do is tell Apple that the source is trusted. To do this:

  1. Open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management
  2. Tap the app profile and tap Trust
  3. Close Settings and try the app again; it will now work.

CotoMovies is one of the most comprehensive apps of its type, offering far more than any other movie app. It is one of the more popular downloads from AppValley so give it a go and tell us what movies you are watching; follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Can The App Get Revoked?

revoked error

Unfortunately, Apple will revoke the certificate because App Valley is not an official app. At the end of the day, it is a kind of app store, competition for Apple and not something they are going to allow in the app store. Because of that, within a few days of installation, they are going to revoke the certificate, and you will be left needing to install the Appvalley installer again. One way to prevent this is to install a VPN? How does this work? By protecting your data and your online browsing habits, the locations you download software, like these, from, are hidden; the certificate cant be revoked, and you can carry on using it in complete safety.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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