Cydia Impactor App

Are you looking for an easy way to get your favorite 3rd-party apps and games? With Cydia Impactor, you can download AppValley apps straight to your device, no jailbreak needed. It’s straightforward to use and very powerful.

cydia impactor app

Even better, It’s free.

Before You Start:

There are a couple of important points to understand before you start using Cydia Impactor:

  • You will need to use your Apple ID to install any app through the Impactor
  • Check that iTunes is current – it isn’t part of the process, but it must be up to date
  • If your Apple ID is a standard free one, the app certificates will expire every seven days and will need to be reloaded
  • If your Apple ID is paid developer one, your apps won’t expire for 12 months

Now we’re ready

Let’s get started

How to Use Cydia Impactor:

Cydia Impactor is simple to download



  1. Tap on the above download button and choose the right version to download for your system  ( Mac, Linux or Windows )
  2. Next, download the desired app’s .ipa file onto your computer
  3. Connect your computer and iPhone or iPad and, if iTunes opens, close it down
  4. Launch the Impactor app and let it pick up your device
  5. When it has, find the .ipa file, you downloaded and drag it into Cydia Impactor cydia impactor ipa drag
  6. Tap OK on the Expired Certificates warning message
  7. Type your Apple ID and Password in and tap OK
  8. Wait for the Impactor app to sign the file and install it on your device
  9. Look at your home screen – if the icon is there, the installation has finished successfully

But wait

You can’t use it yet

  1. First, open Settings on your device
  2. Tap on General>Profiles and find your app/game ID in the profiles list ios_profile and device management
  3. Tap on it and then tap the Trust button
  4. Close Settings; AppValley is ready for you to use

And we’re done

Cydia Impactor is the only way to install third-party app apps available on iOS app installers like AppValley, safely and efficiently. That’s important these days; with Apple limiting what we can and can’t use on our devices and with few jailbreaks available, Cydia Impactor is the best option.

Use it to install AppValley apps and games on your device and see what you think of it. Is it something you’ll use? Follow us on Facebook, and we’ll send you more app recommendations like this one.

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