Looking for a way to modify your iOS device? Cydia ( Jailbreak ) app is, without any doubt, the best way to download modifications and tweaks for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Only in this app store can you find thousands of tweaks, mods, ringtones, themes for free and more, making it the largest unofficial store in the world.


Cydia has been around since just after the iPhone first appeared, and before the iOS app store was developed. Thanks to Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik, we have been beating Apple at their own game for years and, to this day, Cydia remains the top-downloaded store.

And, even better, it is FREE

This page is designed to keep you up to date on all jailbreak news, including the latest downloads and guides.

How to Download Cydia:

We may be seeing fewer Cydia releases right now, but every iOS version from iOS 6 to iOS 12 has at least one jailbreak available.

Check out the link below for all the downloads:

Cydia Download

Cydia App Features:

The jailbreak appstore provides a ton of cool features for all iOS devices:

  • It is not a standalone tool; you can only get it when you download one of the jailbreak utilities
  • It is packed with thousands of modifications, tweaks, apps, and more cydia iphone x
  • Make your device look different with themes and tweaks
  • Make your device work differently with modifications, tweaks and more
  • Tweaks with great new features
  • Most of what is here are free although some tweaks do command a small price – usually no more than a couple of dollars
  • Plenty of comics, iBooks, magazines, ringtones, wallpapers and so much more
  • Every app or tweak is kept updated by the developers each time the iOS is updated
  • Cydia itself is free to use and always will be

What more can you ask for?

Head over to the download page, linked above, for all the details on the available jailbreaks for your iOS version. They also provide full step-by-step guides on how to download and use each version of Cydia, along with other useful tools and information.

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