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Deezer is a fast-growing music streaming service, fast catching up to the most popular which is, obviously, Spotify. It has a much larger music library than any of its rivals, and it offers pricing plans to suit all budgets. If you are wondering what its all about, then read on as we give you all the facts.


Let’s dive in


Deezer has plenty of features to tempt any users, and there are some great reasons for using it:

  • A huge library, over 50 million tracks
  • Great choice of packages
  • Hi-Fi package has great sound quality
  • Supports all major platforms
  • Unlimited track skips
  • Offline mode on paid plans
  • User-friendly app


But it isn’t all good:

  • The free plan is restrictive
  • Ad-supported
  • Track skipping limited to 6 an hour for the free plan
  • Audio quality on free and lower-paid plans not great
  • Lossless quality is not cheap and is not for mobile devices
  • Mobile app buffers a lot
  • Design isn’t great

Download Links:

iPhone App Link 

Android App Link

Wait, there’s more

Catalog And Sound Quality:


With over 50 million tracks, Deezer offers more than any other streaming app. And it has availability in more countries than any other, more than 180, but the music on offer may not be the most up to date. It does offer a lot of tracks from different countries, though, which is why their numbers are so high.

In terms of quality, if you opt for the free plan, the quality is not good – just 128kbps. That does get better the more you pay, but the best is reserved for those who pay for the Hi-Fi plan, and that is not available for mobile devices.

We’re not done yet


Alongside the massive library, Deezer also offers a lot of popular podcasts, and you also get access to live radio, exclusive FC Barcelona and Manchester United content, and the ability to display the lyrics on some songs.

Is that enough?

Is It Worth It?

Well, that really is down to what you want out of the app. If you are content with having ads and being limited in what you can have, then the free app will do you just fine. If you want more features and one of the limits, then choose one of the paid plans. You can also take advantage of a free premium trial.

What’s the deal, then?

Our Verdict :

The free version of Deezer is OK if you are happy listening online all the time and being limited in what you can do. From our point of view, for just a small payment each month, one of the paid plans is probably a better bet.

Alternative Apps:

spotify plus

Deezer Pro is a great music app, but it might not suit you. Try Spotify Plus, the pro version of the popular streaming app, offering all the premium features.

And you’re set

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