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AppValley works without Cydia, and you are not limited to what you download from it; you also don’t need to be concerned that Apple will void any warranty you may have because AppValley doesn’t break any of the security rules that Apple puts in place. Not only that, if you can’t get on with it, deleting AppValley is simple to download so keep reading for all the details.

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How To Delete AppValley:

AppValley can be deleted in four separate ways:

Method 1: Through Settings App

  1. Launch Settings and open General > Profile ios_profile and device management
  2. Find and tap on the profile for AppValley
  3. Tap the option to Remove Profile delete_appvalley_iphone
  4. Close down Settings, and AppValley will be removed immediately

Method 2: From HomeScreen

  1. On your home screen locate the icon for AppValley
  2. Long-press on it, it will go into “wiggle” mode
  3. In the top corner of the icon is a small cross, tap on it  appvalley app delete
  4. Tap Delete when asked to confirm and AppValley will be deleted. delete_appvalley_iphone

Video: See these steps being done

Method 3: Delete Undeletable Profile

Many users are reporting that they cannot delete AppValley profile using the above methods. The solution for this is given below.

  1. Download AppValley from the linked page by clicking on configuration profile 1.
  2. Turn off AirDrop on your iOS device by going to Control Centre. See this ( Youtube ) video with image instructions below. turn off airdrop on iPhone
  3. Delete AppValley profile from your device by following Method 1 above.

Method 4: Restore Your iOS Device

This deletes all settings and data from your iPhone or iPad and updates to the newest firmware version:

  1. Make sure you have the latest iTunes version on your computer
  2. Now back up all your data
  3. Disable your passcode, Touch ID and Find my iPhone or iPad passcode (
  4. Launch iTunes, plug your device in and tap Yes on the Trust this Computer message if it appears
  5. Choose the correct device summary for your device and click on Restore
  6. Click Restore again and wait for your device to be restored and AppValley removed. Your iPhone or iPad will reboot when the process has finished.

Method 5: Restore from iTunes Backup

For this method you will need to use a backup taken from before AppValley was installed:

  1. Launch the iTunes app and plug in your device
  2. Input your iOS device passcode and if you see a message asking you to Trust this Computer, tap Yes
  3. Choose the right device summary in iTunes and click on Restore Backup
  4. Pick the backup you are going to use and click on Restore
  5. iTunes will now restore your device to your chosen backup; input your passcode if you need to but, otherwise leave your device alone until the process has finished
  6. Do not disconnect your device until it has synced with your computer; when your iPhone or iPad reboots for the last time disconnect it from your computer and AppValley will be gone.

Why You Should Give AppValley a Try:

AppValley is a decent Cydia alternative that offers many features, including:

  • Cydia not required
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to delete if needed
  • Your warranty cannot be voided
  • Choose from thousands of apps and games, including plenty of 3rd-party ones
  • Loads of other features

Other Useful Links:

AppValley is one of the better Cydia alternatives; try it today, and if you don’t get on with it, you can quickly delete it. Follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

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  1. Hi. I’ve been trying to remove this app off my phone because my friend had downloaded it. I do not need it! The “x” won’t come up when I hold it down and it says I cannot remove it from my settings. I would really appreciate it if I can take this app off my phone please!

  2. I can’t delete my appvalley, as soon as I go to the profiles I don’t check the “remove profile” thing and I don’t know how to help


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