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AppValley app is a new iOS app installer that has plenty of download choices for everyone – Apps, Games, Ringtones and more, along with many Modified 3rd-party apps.

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AppValley Download Tutorial:

AppValley can be downloaded on both iOS, and Android devices so chose the relevant method :

Config Profile 1 Config Profile 2 

  1. Tap on the Download button above for configuration profile
  2. You need to give permission for the profile to download, tap the Install link on the loaded page appvalley profile installation1
  3. Tap the “Waiting” icon if the installation doesn’t start appvalley_install_screen1 appvalley_install_screen1
  4. Wait until the app has installed and then look for the app icon  appvalley_app_download_
  5. Start using the AppValley app.  appvalley_app_iphone
  6. If AppValley is Not Working for you, then ttry an alternative app installer

Trust Untrusted Developer:

  1.  Click the app icon created on your home screen. 
  2.  Remember the Untrusted Developer name in the popup after you click the app, then click Cancel. appvalley profile installation3
  3.  Now go to Settings > General > Profiles
  4.  Click the Trust button, then click Trust once more. appvalley profile installation4

Video: Above steps explained on video

Method 2: For Android

appvalley android

Although this installer contains iOS content, the developers have made it possible for Android users to use it by installing the APK file. Again, this is relatively easy to do; follow the guide here. Tap the download button below for more details.

Android APK

AppValley Features:

App Valley app is an in-depth installer, offering up enough content that everyone should be able to find something. Some of the top features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Supports iOS 7 and above
  • User-friendly interface
  • No need to install Cydia
  • Contains heaps of apps and games
  • Plenty of modified apps and games to choose from
  • Tested for security and reliability
  • Updated regularly
  • Supported on Android
  • Lots more features

AppValley App is Safe :

iOS continues the work in terms of safety, going deeper than ever before. So, with all this security, how can AppValley possibly work? It’s simple – AppValley does not require root access to the iOS-like jailbreaking needed and so it does not break any security rules. That means it can run in the same way that any iOS app runs, which means your warranty is kept safe and because the installer has been fully secured with SSL encryption, you maintain safety while using it.

AppValley Does Not Void Warranty :

Because the app installer does not require a jailbreak to use it, it doesn’t need to access the root of the iOS, and that means it won’t break any of Apple’s security rules. You install AppValley and use it the same way that you install any app from the app store, and it is perfectly safe to use, not to mention legal. The developers update the app regularly to make sure you don’t get any viruses or malware – make sure you install those updates! It’s effortless to install and use, and you do not need to worry about it voiding your warranty – it won’t. If you are concerned and need to return your device for repair, delete and then install it again later.

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  1. Please help me. Please let me know more carefully how to answer this reply.I did what I did on the Internet,but he keeps failing.I am very satisfied with this AppValley app and want to download it.

    What should I do ? iOS version in use: iOS 12 Beta 11

  2. hello! i’m sorry for asking this question, but i’ve heard that “AppValley” has some kind of malware and other malicious things. please tell me: is “AppValley” really safe? i did not want to use the app because of these “rumors”. thanks for listening!

    • Appvalley is safe. However you much watch for the apps that you download, as they are not by us. We are an app host and we sign the apps so you can use them . Only download ones that you trust.

  3. Hello, I have a problem installing applications, they are downloaded and installed but a gray icon remains as if it was not installed and I can not use them. I have the VIP and I’ve been using the service for almost a year without any problems until a few weeks ago. I have iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 12

    • we are looking into this . this should be resolved in few hours as we are having a server load issue. please try again after few hours

  4. Hi, a couple of weeks ago I got appvalley from the normal website… without realising it’s not removable 😬. I’ve been using AppValley for a while, and obviously I know it gets patched every now and then so I just delete then reinstall it, but I can’t now because it’s non removable. Please help! I’m on iOS 12

  5. Hi. cant continue, when i run the app. after intalling the adds nothing happen, then when I try to skip it, it just goes to white screen. nothing happens.


  6. Hi there are several apps that do not work: Nicki Minaj the empire doesn’t open on iOS 12. Matchington Mansion needs to be fixed. The hack freezes at level 2 and lost island world blast adventure hack needs to be repaired… you don’t get unlimited moves or lives.

  7. Yeaaaah… guess I’m the only stupid one that didn’t read ALL the comments…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️… Ha!!! That ‘ll teach me, 4sure 🥴🥺
    Soooo…how is the app removed then? Coz the profile did uninstall!
    Omg, my son will be so NOT HAPPY… 🙏🙏🤯

  8. I downloaded sims mobile and when i trusted it and played it for atleast 1 week
    They said that we need to verify it
    And when i try to verify it because all my data is stored it doesnt verify…
    Is there any solution?

  9. Hello appvalley, t’was a good news for me knowing that your app is up and running again, until I started downloading apps (spotify, bobby movies) – it will show an icon that app is “waiting” for download but it will suddenly disappear like nothing happened. Please check on this. Thank you so much!

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