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AppValley app is a new iOS app installer that has plenty of download choices for everyone – Apps, Games, Ringtones, and more, along with many unofficial 3rd-party apps.

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AppValley Download Guide:

AppValley can be downloaded on both iOS, and Android devices, so chose the relevant method.

Method 1: for iOS Devices

Config Profile Link 1

Config Profile Link 2

Config Profile Link 3 

  1. Tap on the Download button above for configuration profile
  2. You need to give permission for the profile to download, tap the Install link on the loaded page appvalley profile installation1
  3. Tap the “Waiting” icon if the installation doesn’t start
  4. Wait until the app has installed and then look for the app icon  appvalley_app_download_
  5. Start using the AppValley app. 
  6. If AppValley is Not Working for you, then try an Alternative app installer

No Get Button Fix:

appvalley app unavailable-get option

If you are getting no Get option and every app download button appears Unavailable,. check out the solution in the linked page.

Fix Untrusted Developer:

  1.  Click the app icon created on your home screen. 
  2.  Remember the Untrusted Developer name in the popup after you click the app, then click Cancel. appvalley profile installation3
  3.  Now go to Settings > General > Profiles
  4.  Click the Trust button, then click Trust once more. appvalley profile installation4

Video: Above steps explained on video

Method 2: For Android

appvalley android apk

Although this installer contains iOS content, the developers have made it possible for Android users to use it by installing the APK file. Again, this is relatively easy to do; follow the guide here. Tap the download button below for more details.

Android APK

AppValley Features:

App Valley app is an in-depth installer, offering up enough content that everyone should be able to find something. Some of the top features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Supports iOS 7 and above
  • User-friendly interface
  • No need to install Cydia
  • Contains heaps of apps and games
  • Plenty of 3rd-party apps and games to choose from
  • Tested for security and reliability
  • Updated regularly
  • Supported on Android
  • Lots more features

AppValley is Safe and Secure:

appvalley safety

iOS continues the work in terms of safety, going deeper than ever before. So, with all this security, how can AppValley possibly work? It’s simple – AppValley does not require root access to the iOS-like jailbreaking needed and so it does not break any security rules. That means it can run in the same way that any iOS app runs, which means your warranty is kept safe and because the installer has been fully secured with SSL encryption, you maintain safety while using it.

AppValley Does Not Void Warranty:


Because the app installer does not require a jailbreak to use it, it doesn’t need to access the root of the iOS, and that means it won’t break any of Apple’s security rules. You install AppValley and use it the same way that you install any app from the app store, and it is perfectly safe to use, not to mention legal. The developers update the app regularly to make sure you don’t get any viruses or malware – make sure you install those updates! It’s effortless to install and use, and you do not need to worry about it voiding your warranty – it won’t. If you are concerned and need to return your device for repair, delete and then install it again later.

Fix App Crashing Issue:

app crashing appvalley app

AppValley VIP is not an official app, and that means, within a couple of days of using it, Apple will revoke the app certificate and make the app crash. While you could go through an endless cycle of reinstalling it every time, the easiest way is to Install a VPN and stop the certificate from being identified and revoked.

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  1. Hi, My AppValley app was revoked. It’s not working and apps are not available. I re-installed AppValley again, but it happens quite often ( 1-2 times per month ) and I lose all my apps downloaded from AppValley Store. What is the permanent solution for this issue?

    • Thank you for asking this question. Yes, the AppValley app certificates are sometimes revoked by Apple. The solution for this is using a VPN. A VPN app stops your AppValley usage from being monitored by Apple and the App developer ( whose app you downloaded from AppValley ). This prevents frequent app-revokes. We have a list of recommended VPN’s that work great with AppValley.

      Do note that, if there is a “Global” revoke from Apple, all Appvalley users lose their app certificates. A VPN stops only user-side app revokes.

      In the situation of a Global revoke, we try our best to get the app working.

  2. Please help me. Please let me know more carefully how to answer this reply.I did what I did on the Internet,but he keeps failing.I am very satisfied with this AppValley app and want to download it.

    What should I do ? iOS version in use: iOS 12 Beta 11

  3. hello! i’m sorry for asking this question, but i’ve heard that “AppValley” has some kind of malware and other malicious things. please tell me: is “AppValley” really safe? i did not want to use the app because of these “rumors”. thanks for listening!

    • Appvalley is safe. However, you must watch for the apps that you download, as they are not created by the developers. We are an app host and we sign the apps so you can use them. Only download ones that you trust.

  4. Hello, I have a problem installing applications, they are downloaded and installed but a gray icon remains as if it was not installed and I can not use them. I have the VIP and I’ve been using the service for almost a year without any problems until a few weeks ago. I have iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 12

    • we are looking into this . this should be resolved in few hours as we are having a server load issue. please try again after few hours

    • Hello #AppValley I just wanted to humbly say a very big hearty ❤️ thank you 🙏 thankyou for creating your app so that young aspiring Developers like myself can upload programs that the Apple Store doesn’t support&thats a lot of them. I like the way you give easy access to a whole wide range of iOS apps that I did not know existed & the services are awesome. Your very polite & accomidating. Thankyou very much. Hope you have a Merry X Mass& a Happy New Year2020. Love Danner ❤️ 💕 💗

  5. Hi, a couple of weeks ago I got appvalley from the normal website… without realising it’s not removable 😬. I’ve been using AppValley for a while, and obviously I know it gets patched every now and then so I just delete then reinstall it, but I can’t now because it’s non removable. Please help! I’m on iOS 12

  6. Hi. cant continue, when i run the app. after intalling the adds nothing happen, then when I try to skip it, it just goes to white screen. nothing happens.


  7. Hi there are several apps that do not work: Nicki Minaj the empire doesn’t open on iOS 12. Matchington Mansion needs to be fixed. The hack freezes at level 2 and lost island world blast adventure hack needs to be repaired… you don’t get unlimited moves or lives.

  8. Yeaaaah… guess I’m the only stupid one that didn’t read ALL the comments…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️… Ha!!! That ‘ll teach me, 4sure 🥴🥺
    Soooo…how is the app removed then? Coz the profile did uninstall!
    Omg, my son will be so NOT HAPPY… 🙏🙏🤯

  9. I downloaded sims mobile and when i trusted it and played it for atleast 1 week
    They said that we need to verify it
    And when i try to verify it because all my data is stored it doesnt verify…
    Is there any solution?

  10. Hello appvalley, t’was a good news for me knowing that your app is up and running again, until I started downloading apps (spotify, bobby movies) – it will show an icon that app is “waiting” for download but it will suddenly disappear like nothing happened. Please check on this. Thank you so much!

  11. I just downloaded the app but when I try to download apps like popcorn time ect. They said unavailable .. can u tell me why pls thanks..

  12. Hi!, i have a problem, if i download chimera or minecraft ,etc. it dos’ent download, it says, “Unable to download (appname)”, I retry it and it cannot work. What shall i do?

  13. Need for speed no limit is an old version so the app is not working. Also, Star Wars galaxy of heroes is not on there.

  14. I’ve downloaded apps but it keeps saying I need to update it. When I go to the website it takes me to, get don’t see any way to update the app. Can you please tell me why this is happening?

  15. Hi, I have minecraft that i’ve downloaded in appvalley, however it’s not the newest one, it’s before the aquatic update, but i don’t wanna lose my memory, what am i gonna do?

  16. I got my app valley to work and download the apps onto my home screen but hen I open the they always glitch and kick me back to the home screen so I can’t actually use the app. It also told me to delete my subway surfer to get the tweaked one so now I lost my world record in 3 in the world.

    • that is the company that provides the free signing service for AppValley. Its different every time the certificate is revoked, as the AppValley Team finds a different distributor providing the free certificates for AppValley users.

  17. Can we make a request for an app? I want to ask if you can make free the app called in Italia language “in forma correndo” of Verv inc. wich was free a few month ago and now we need to pay a subscription. Thank you 🙏

  18. I’ve been facing multiple issues, and I even redownloaded the app, and the apps will not load. They start off with the specific loading screen to match the app, then it exits the app. I am talking about the apps inside of AppValley not AppValley its self.

  19. Hi, the dragon ball legends hack does not work because a new update came out for it. I was wondering if you could update it? It went from version 1.33 to 1.34.

  20. Applications are not downloading, it keeps on getting stuck on “loading” . Im currently on ios 12.3.1 . I wanna download Snapchat++ since other apks arent working for me

  21. Hello! I love playing “The Sims Free Play” but I’m unable to use is since it’s not updated:(
    Can someone please help me or can you guys update the game:)
    Please and thank you!

  22. Hi, i want to thank you. For the great work for iPad and iPhone apps especially the free apps as I’m a pharmacist so I need medical apps like Ess. Anatomy 5 and so on .. so thanks for your work ❤️.. but could you add apps for AR for both ipad and iphone .. apps like Human anatomy atlas 2019 and plantale ?

  23. Hi I keep trying to download sims free play but it doesn’t load. Only the grey icon pops up. I’ve tried it numerous times and it doesn’t work. Plz help

  24. Hi,
    I installed AppValley and it work but when I download app from AppValley app it install but doesn’t work. It stay freeze. What can I do?

  25. Hi, I’m having a issue were after I download the app/game I just have a greyed out icon that I can’t use, I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and appvalley as well as restarting my mobile.
    Do you perhaps have any more suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  26. I’m having the same issue as Avi/Nate, tried reinstalling, restarting etc and nothing seems to fix the greyed out icon. Any suggestions?

    • sorry for the issue. There was an outage recently. the developers are trying to fix the issue and get AppValley back.

  27. How do I download a game, I can’t figure it out. It doesn’t say download anywhere on the app I want so I’m confused like crazy. Help!!!

  28. when i downloaded the spotify++ , why just a free spotify just like spotify and there’s no premium at all ? can you fix that?

  29. Hi, I can’t actually download the app itself at all – when I download the files from config profile 1 / 2, it downloads and then asks me whether I want to save it to iCloud on my phone, or send the file via email etc. If I save the file and open it it’s just a text document of code

  30. Hi, I’m having trouble installing apps from Appvalley, once Im in the app there is no instal or download button so I can’t download Spotify ++

  31. Was wondering about ios App Policies!

    So i deleted Instagram in order to download the Instagram ++ version, right?

    Is it safe to Re-Download the Instagram from IOS App Store w/o deleting (instagram ++) ?

    – This goes for any + + “ tweak ”

    I love it and does everything it says in the description & actually a lot more than i intended.

    • hi Baller, AppValley works for free and does not require email. You need the VIP version, that may require additional information like email

  32. Valley valley apple valley I can’t live without you i love you so much and i think that when you will read this text you will love me too.

  33. Hey! I tried to download AppValley on my Apple device, but every time I install it the screen is white when I open it. I waited to see if it would load but nothing happened. How do I fix this?

  34. I just wanted to clone Clash Royale, but it clones it and hacks it and makes it unplayable. Kind of a bummer

  35. The app I wanted to suggest is called Roblox and I was wondering if you could make the robucks unlimited? Pls

  36. I downloaded app and it worked for a day till the iPhone updated. I paid for the ispoofer and now the app wouldn’t verify. When I deleted it to follow troubleshoot directions it’s no longer on app valley. where can I find Pokémon?

  37. Hi I have just tried to install Kodi and tried another couple of apps and there is no option to download is there a problem with appvalley.

  38. I’ve tried to download delta and Gba4iOS it worked two times but then got revoked and I know the whole process I delete it and download it again but this time it downloaded 3/4 way and then went grey I’ve tried downloading from other websites and emulator sites and it has the same result can you help me?

  39. In appValley every single game i clicked on said unavailable i’m a I-pad Air 2 Pro IOS 12. and above so i really wish someone could help me out or some way so i can install.Please reply to me.Thank you!!!

  40. Hi whenever I go onto the AppValley app, it won’t let me download anything the option to download isn’t even available. It usually says “get” and it’s not showing up anything

  41. I’ve downloaded the other day now when I go onto it, it doesn’t wanna work. I’ve deleted the app and tried to download it back on my phone but it’s not allowing me to? Is there any other apps like this I can use? Thanks

  42. When my friend is opening Plague Inc on their iPhone 7 it’s just showing code, is it something to do with the new iOS release iOS 12.1.4?

    • please wait a while. The certificate of AppValley was revoked by Apple. The team is working to get a working certificate to replace this one and it should all be back online for you guys.

  43. Hey! I’ve had some issues with the config links. When I click them, it gives me a long page full of random numbers and letters. Please let me know how to fix this.

  44. How’s it going guys? I downloaded the app but unfortunately, I didn’t see any “get” labels for me to click so I can download. Even when I opened the app, I don’t see any ways to download it. Thanks

    • Vielen Dank, dass Sie die AppValley-App heruntergeladen haben. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Probleme haben, kontaktieren Sie uns in den Kommentaren

  45. Bonjour j’ai essayer votre application pour pokemon go mais cela ne marche pas alors que sur ios cela marche pouvez vous m’aider ,
    merci bonne journée.

    • bonjour, s’il vous plaît télécharger App Appalley puis téléchargez Pokemon Go mod. Si vous ne trouvez pas le jeu sur AppValley, téléchargez-le à partir d’un lien alternatif sur l’App Store ici.

  46. I can’t play the sims free play because it says that my saved data is from a later version. Does this mean I have to wait for you guys to update the app to the latest version or am I doing something wrong??

    • Hi, go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management. There you will get the list of all app certificates downloaded from AppValley. Trust the ones that are not Trusted already. Thanks.

  47. When can we expect the new updates for games like The Sims FreePlay? I can’t play because my iCloud version is updated by the app valley version is not.

  48. Hola estoy tratando de descargar una app para ver peliculas, estaba usando Bobby Movie pero ya no aparece en las apps.. me puedes ayudar?

  49. Hey AppValley can y’all hack choices story u play please because I think the exclusive choices cost to much diamonds can y’all like hack it so it could let me do the choice without any diamonds that’s what I did with ac market

  50. Bonjour
    Je vois à plusieurs endroits que l’on peut télécharger appvalley sur android quand on le télécharger tout va bien mais quand on lance l’application on a 2 téléchargements à faire et ensuite ça nous demande de quitter. Donc ma question et est-ce que on peut télécharger appvalley sur android (j’ai un Samsung s9+)? Et si jamais oui comment?
    Merci d’avance

    • Lamento saber que você teve uma experiência ruim com o aplicativo AppValley. Não queremos que nossos usuários sejam infelizes e trabalhem duro para melhorar nosso aplicativo. Deixe-nos saber como podemos atendê-lo melhor.

  51. Hola,
    Una vez descargado AppValley no me desja descargar ninguna app, me dice que es “unavailable”. Llevo dias asi y no sirve re-instalar AppValley.
    Alguna solucion?

    • hola, elimine la aplicación AppValley y vuelva a descargarla después de 24 a 48 horas. Los certificados de la aplicación fueron revocados por Apple.

  52. Hola, no puedo descargar la app en ios. Me pide abrir con Google drive, pero después me indica que no es compatible. ¿Me podrían ayudar? gracias!

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