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AppValley has proven itself with millions of users to be one of the most reliable and Safe Cydia alternatives. A third-party app store, AppValley offers users access to 3rd-party and tweaks for free, along with other useful apps. Unfortunately, some users have reported a few errors with AppValley, but we have found easy fixes for all of them.

appvalley errors

AppValley Error Solutions:

These are the most frequent errors to be reported along with their fixes. If you have encountered a problem that we haven’t talked about here, please feel free to tell us using the comments box below, and we will try to find the solution.

  • App and Games are Unavailable – No Get button


If you see this error, this means that the developer profile certificate of AppValley has been revoked by Apple.

  1. The solution is waiting for 24- 48 hours before the AppValley team can acquire new certificates. The “Unavailable” button will be gone and you will again see the “Get” button as shown below. appvalley_ get app
  2. In the meantime, we recommend downloading apps from alternative app installers.
  3. Also, download and install a VPN to prevent your device from problems while using the AppValley app.
  • Cannot Download AppValley – Error 403

403 forbidden appvalley iphone x

This is the most reported error and the easiest to fix:

  1. Delete AppValley from your device
  2. Now download AppValley again from our download page.

This error seems to be encountered by users who already have a version of AppValley on their device, and the new version they are trying to download is coming into conflict with it.

  • App Valley Has Stopped Working

This is down to the source not being verified, again very easy to fix:

  1. Delete App Valley and then install it again
  2. Go to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management section under General
  3. Find the AppValley certificate and tap it
  4. Tap on Trust or Verify and close Settings

Try App Valley again, and it will work

  • App Valley Invalid Argument Supplied

This might look like a complicated error, but it is one of the easiest to fix:

  1. Delete App Valley from your device
  2. Install App Valley again and then restart your iOS device
  3. Launch App Valley settings and check for any updates

Apply any that are available, and you will find that AppValley now works without this error appearing.

  • App Valley White Screen

white screen iphone 11 pro

If you get a white screen on AppValley:

  1. Open iOS Settings
  2. Tap on Safari
  3. Tap on Clear Website Data

Launch AppValley, and it should work without the white screen appearing

  • Profile Installation Failed

If you receive the Profile Installation Failed error, it may be that you are trying to download AppValley at a busy time and the Apple servers are struggling with the amount of traffic. In the first instance, wait for a couple of hours and then have another go. If the installation still does not work, try the following steps:

  1. Put your iPhone or iPad into Airplane mode
  2. Open Settings and tap Safari
  3. Tap Clear History and Website Data > Clear History and Data
  4. Close Settings and take your device out of Airplane mode
  5. Leave your device for a minute or two and then install AppValley again

You should find that the installation proceeds as usual.

  • Untrusted Enterprise Developer

appvalley profile installation3

This is another common issue, and you can solve this by going to Settings > General > Profiles and now Trust the App Valley app developer name there.

Hopefully, these have fixed any issues you may have had with App Valley but, as we said earlier, do let us know in the comments box below if you have any other problems or error messages.

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  1. I can’t download Appvalley app. It just said cannot connect to appvalley .vip. Please fix it. I was able to download and run all apps and games for free from it, last Wednesday, and today, one week later the apps are revoked.

  2. Garden scape stopped working about 4 days ago now, have contacted you each day, alas no message back and still not working

  3. Can’t u help us with other app because I’m seeing everything is revoked or tweaked

    Any site I can download “uncover”

  4. I download Gardenscape but can’t play it,whenever I open it ,its says I need to update when I try update its not updating ,how can I resolve this issue?

  5. And also what I’ve noticed when I press cofig 1 it doesn’t work but I press config 2 and it says download but it says it differently than the tutorial

  6. Hello, I’ve been trying to download iSSB but every time I download it, the icon turns grey and I can’t open the app. What should I do?

  7. I’m still getting error 403 every time I open it even after I redownloaded it, help please I need an adult

    • hi, we just updated this tutorial. there is a very easy fix to this issue. try the solution listed on this page.

  8. Just an update uninstalled app reset phone reinstalled app cleared web data and trusted sources and I’m still getting the same response tried this multiple times and still nothing

  9. Uninstalled app restarted phone cleared website data trusted sources still getting the same 403 forbidden message I also do not have any history of trying to install this app until yesterday is there anyway this can be fixed?

  10. I’ve deleted the app, and redownloaded it several times. And it still saying forbidden 403 I’m not sure what you mean by reboot but it still isn’t working for me

  11. Hi Admin,

    I have tried multiple times reinstallation for the AppValley. But no luck it showing same error as “403 forbidden”
    Please advise how to fix it

  12. Is there going to be a hack version of the last day on earth game there was an update yesterday and now it doesn’t work?

  13. Clash Royale and Clash of Clans would tell me there is a new update but when I press the pop up, it will redirect me to another site that wouldn’t have nothing to do with updates but with private servers and finally would never let me play.

  14. I keep downloading and redownloading popcorn time and after just a few days or so it tells me the app has been untrusted and when I go to verify it, it lets me press verify but nothing changes so I have to delete the app and download it again.

  15. When i go to download a tweaked app, the option to download isn’t even there it’s just blank but it still shows the description/ picture of the app

  16. i keep having issues with whatsapp++ i get messages that say this app needs to be verified
    i get rid of the app and it seems to come back working with another enterprise certificate
    after a few days the same thing happens
    is there something to do

  17. I’ve tried to download delta/ gba for iOS and other emulators it worked for about two weeks then I had to reinstall same thing but this time it never finishes the download and becomes blank i tried downloading online as well different sites none of them work so I was wondering how to fix this.

  18. Ok so I’ve had the app called app for a while now and all of a sudden today when I got to all the apps it doesn’t show the GET button to download so now I do t k ow why please help

  19. I’ve downloaded the App Store and it worked perfectly for a day and I followed the guidelines however now I can’t download anything or see the GET sign to download and the apps I’ve had installed and trusted says unverified. I tried deleting everything and things just got worse. Please help!

  20. every time i download minecraft, after a while it blocks up and im unable to download it again, is there a way how i can fix this?
    (the link in which im supposed to download anything really disappears)

  21. Well I been trying for a month all the above I’ve tried configuration 1and 2 and nothing happens I do get 403 error or delete and then download that doesn’t work I have iPhone. Is the app keep going in and out ,you come back to movie it’s gone you have to try and reinstall again

  22. Hello, every game I download after a couple of days it won’t let me play anymore and it says that I need to verify it again but then when I go into settings and try to do that it just doesn’t work. Why is this happening and is there a way to stop it from happening or to fix it?

  23. Every time I try to open tweaked apps i downloaded from appvalley it says “untrusted enterprise developer“ even though I used these apps for multiple days what shall I do now?

  24. I get the white screen but can’t do anything to clear it I’ve uninstalled reinstalled removed website data and every combination in between. It’s on ipad

  25. (ios) the apps install but they are a dark grey and i am unable to open the apps, please help. i’ve deleted and reinstalled many times

  26. Hello, I’m having an issue with downloading. Whenever I search an app that I want to download I find the game but for some reason the install button is just not there, preventing me from installing it altogether, please help me?

  27. I have had this app and have watched movies on Popcornflix, Vito movies and movie box but. Ow those apps are no longer there, what happened and how do I get them back????

  28. I can go to the app, see all the other app but i can’t download any of them there isn’t any «get » boton
    What can i do to fix the probleme?
    Sorry for my english by the way😅

  29. i’m having a problem where the screen isn’t fully white. i have the titles and the bottom bar (today, games, apps, updates, and search), but nothing else shows up. one ad showed up once, but i haven’t had any luck since.

  30. When i downloaded appvalley i open it up and it is just a white page with a white gray shade box in the center and nothing happens

  31. Toca life: World hack doesn’t download. I give it permission and wait but it never pops up on my home screen. I waited for two days and nothing. Please figure out what’s wrong with it.

  32. Why is there an error in the in-app-store for Last Day On Earth: Survival? Like I’ll put in my info and then it would pop and say sorry service is down or lost connection?

  33. I downloaded AppValley and it works, I downloaded snapchat ++ on my iPhone 5s and it won’t let me open it, it try’s then closes back to the home screen

  34. It’s not letting me play Homescapes it keeps saying slow internet connection after saying game is being updated for 2 days. I deleted it and downloaded it again and same thing please fix

  35. Every time I go on an app I can see everything but the download button. I tried to download videostar++ wich was the only one that said: video star(updating) . Please help me out

  36. Well, I got 2 problems, first is untrusted enterprise developer and second is the “get” button disappear and now I can’t download spotify, well the problem occurs when suddenly all apps that i have downloaded get unverified, then I tried to verify but it didn’t happen. Need to fix this please, ASAP.

  37. No puedo descargar ninguna aplicación, tiene algo que ver la versión de iOS 12.4.3? No puedo actualizar a iOS 13 porque el dispositivo es un iPhone 6. Help me, i love your work!😔

  38. None of the apps have the (get) button
    All of the apps on AppValley are missing this button and i don’t know why, redownloaded many times and I don’t know what to do

  39. Whenever I click the download link, instead of prompting me with a white box the download appears at the bottom of the screen, what should I do

  40. Hi I have the problem of the blank screen I have done what they say to delete the history but it does not work. it’s an ipad with version 9.3.5 I can’t update it to the latest version because it doesn’t exist for this ipad

  41. I downloaded Spotify, SpotifyPink, SpotifyRed, SpotifyBlue and SpotifyWhite. But when I went to open the apps none of them worked. The apps opened and closed (On iPhone).


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