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Happy Chick is proving to be one of the most popular emulator apps ever. With support for more than 18 consoles, including PlayStation, PPSSPP, Nintendo, and many more, it is the only emulator app to host such a wide variety.

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 Provided you have at least 2GB RAM on your device, you can play a variety of graphics-heavy games, like Call of Duty, GTA, FIFA, and many more, as well as the old classics that we all love so much. HappyChick is also one of the most feature-rich of the emulators.

Download Happy Chick:

To get HappyChick on your device, you do need to install another third-party app installer first. Its called AppValley, and it’s packed with useful content, including HappyChick. Here’s how to get it.

Method 1: iOS Devices

Direct Download Link 1

Direct Download Link 2

Direct Download Link 3

  1. Follow the linked guide to download AppValley to your iOS device  appvalley app icon
  2. Open AppValley, find HappyChick and download the appropriate version happy chick_emulator_appvalley _app download
  3. Enjoy the useful features and all the gameplay you want

Method 2: IPA File

IPA File Link 1

IPA File Link 2

  1. Download the IPA file from the above link on your PC or Mac
  2. Use Cydia Impactor to install the file on your iOS device. cydia impactor happychick ipa file
  3. Start using HappyChick emulator on your iPhone. happy-chick

Method 3: for Windows PC

Download Link

You can also use HappyChick to play console games on your Windows PC, and the benefits are obvious – a better display, more RAM, and more storage space. This means that you get the option of playing bigger and better games, such as Metal Gear, Lord of the Rings, Mortal Kombat, and more. No matter what version of Windows you are using, the steps below will work:

  1. Download the .exe file for HappyChick onto your Windows PC
  2. Find and double-click the file to start the installation
  3. Click Yes to accept the terms and conditions and wait for the installation to complete – you will see the HappyChick icon on your desktop
  4. To use it, click the icon and choose your console games to play

Method 4: on Android TV

smart android tv

With USB and OTG support, you can easily install HappyChick on your TV box or smart tv and play using custom gamepads. You can install HappyChick on an Android TV Box, Android Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Xiaomi Mi TV, or the Amazon Firestick:

Download Link

  1. Download HappyChick for TV Box onto your device 
  2. Launch the device Settings app and enable Third-Party Installations
  3. Now click or tap the icon and enjoy your games

How to Play Games on HappyChick:

HappyChick is one of the easiest ways of playing console games on your iOS or Android devices; follow the steps to get the emulator app working on your device and have your favorite games at your fingertips within minutes:

  1. Tap the HappyChick icon on your home page to open it 
  2. Set HappyChick up and create an account and then go to the app homepage
  3. Choose the console you want from the website, and you will see all the available games
  4. Choose your game, tap it and tap on the Download buttonhappy chick
  5. Most games are downloaded directly from the cloud, but on occasion, you may be asked to look for download links – if you are, click on Search for Download Sources and choose a link to download from
  6. Next, pick a gamepad – either choose Select GAMESIR for a free one or choose Select Other to install a custom one
  7. When the game has installed, it’s yours to enjoy

Install as many games as you want on your Android device using these steps. With OTG support now added, playing directly from an external hard drive on your device is now simple – for those with Windows PC, that capability is already included. For those installing onto a mobile device, you can now have your very own mini-games console.

Happy Chick Features:

  • Easy download instructions
  • Simple to use
  • Free forever
  • No Jailbreak needed
  • Works on all iOS devices on iOS 10 and above
  • Compatible with Android, some smart TVs, and TV boxes
  • More than 18 consoles supported
  • Play some of the best games ever to be released on console
  • Games to suit all user types and ages, from the simple and classic Super Mario Bros right up to Call of Duty and other blockbuster games
  • Games are hosted on cloud servers, so you get safe and fast downloads
  • Online multiplayer gaming supported
  • One-Click-Play – you don’t need to install different emulators for different consoles, just click and play
  • Game data is stored in the cloud, so you can sync your devices and play from anywhere
  • Create game maps and game controls
  • Local server hosting for some games with support for multiplayer – no need to rely on Wi-Fi
  • Record your games and share it using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Many more features

Frequently Asked Questions:

See below for the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about HappyChick:

  • How is HappyChick Activated?

While you will find that all HappyChick downloads are automatic, you might be asked to provide an activation code the first time you use HappyChick:

  1. Open happychick.hk and download the file that corresponds to your device
  2. Once the installation is finished, go to the download page in your browser
  3. You will see an activation code -copy it and paste it to the app homepage
  4. Click Submit and, once your device has been verified, HappyChick will open 
  • How Do I Get HappyChick Without WeChat?

Although WeChat is the official place to download the app, you can also download it via Emus4U app installer, by jailbreaking your device or by installing the APK or IPA file onto your device.

  • How Do I Update HappyChick?

There are two ways to do this – either enable Auto Updates in the HappyChick Settings or tap the notification the developer sends you when an update is available.

  • How Do I Stop HappyChick Crashing?

This tends to be caused by issues with performance and can usually be fixed by making space on your device (delete unwanted files, unused apps, and move photos, music, etc. to an external storage device) and by clearing the app cache.

  • How Do I Get a New Activation Code?

Only one activation code is issued per device; if you need a new one, you will need to delete the entire installation, empty your browser cache and start again.

  • Can I Save Games I Play on HappyChick?

When you play a game, save points are registered. Saving a checkpoint is as simple as pausing the game and clicking Save. Restarting from that point is done by clicking the option to Start from the Saving Point.

  • Is HappyChick Safe to Use?

The developers of HappyChick are a Chinese company called Xiaoji Studios. They ensure that their app is 100 safe to use; for a start, it needs no special permissions to install, and it does not open your device to external threats.

  • Is it Free?

Yes. It is completely free for Windows, Android, and iOS and does not have any in-app purchases either. It is entirely free to download and use.

  • Can I Use Cheats?

At the time of writing, there are no cheats available for HappyChick. That’s because it is an emulator app, and each game is emulated for a specific console.

  • How Do I Rotate the Screen?

The latest version of HappyChick has support for vertical and horizontal gaming. Go into the app settings and set the default screen angle how you want it, overriding the default settings. To change the screen rotation:

  1. To have the rotation change automatically, open your Settings app and enable Automatic Rotation
  2. To maintain the screen angle, open HappyChick
  3. Go to Settings and tap on Screen Rotation
  4. Change the default to what you want, and the screen will be at that rotation whenever you play
  • How Do I Change the Language to English?

You must be on the latest version of HappyChick to do this. First, many of the games provide a language option in their settings, so check that first. If not:

  1. Open HappyChick Settings
  2. Go to Language and change it to English – most games will now be in the English language.

Happy Chick looks set to be the most popular emulator app ever, given the support for multiple consoles included. Rather than having to download several emulators, you can play all your console games in one app.

It’s free; you don’t need Cydia, so download HappyChick today and follow us on Facebook tog et all the latest news and updates.

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