Social media apps are a great way of sharing photos and videos with our friends and family and one of the very best apps, one that makes it dead simple to do is Instagram. While it has loads of useful features though, there are some features that were left out, and users are not really getting the best out of the app. That’s where Instagram Plus comes in, offering all those extra features and providing a top app experience.instagram plus

Want to know the best bit?

It’s all FREE.

How to Download:

Download AppValley

A better method is to download an app installer called AppValley. Not only can you download Instagram Plus, but you can also download from thousands of other great apps and games, all for free.

  1. Download AppValley to your iPhone or iPad appvalley app icon
  2. Tap the icon on your home screen to open AppValley
  3. Use the search facility to find the app and tap on Download
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app
  5. Once finished, the new icon will be on your home screen; tap to open and enjoy all the great new features.

Instagram Plus Features:

Not only does the app offer all the stock app features, but you also get all of these too:

  • The choice of thumbnail or full feed for your feed type
  • The ability to hide your bio from your profile
  • Choose your own date/time format for timestamps
  • Choose to see image captions when in Zoom mode
  • See HQ images in Thumbnail mode
  • Use the included iOS share sheet for sharing images
  • Stop comments showing up in Full Feed view
  • Double tap on an image or video to download or share it
  • Zoom in on an image by double tapping it
  • Download images straight to Camera roll
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Plenty more features

Instagram Plus offers users a much better experience than the stock app, providing loads of useful features. When you’ve downloaded it, take a few minutes to look through AppValley and see what else is on offer; you’ll find other modified Plus apps and loads of modified games too.

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  1. hi, i’m currently facing a problem with this app. there’s nothing in my media vault, which means i can’t download videos. how do i fix this?

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