AppValley iOS 13 – iOS 13.2.3

Looking for your favorite jailbreak tweaks without using Cydia? Try AppValley. It offers a huge selection of unofficial apps and games as well as some of the coolest jailbreak tweaks around, all without needing Cydia to work.

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Even better. It’s completely free

And it’s been updated to support iOS 13. Want to try it? Then read on for the details

How to Download AppValley on iOS 13:

This is really very simple to do:

Configuration Profile 1

Configuration Profile 2 

  1. Using the Safari browser on your iPhone or your iPad, tap one of the download buttons above
  2. Wait until the AppValley download has started and then tap on Install on the popup message
  3. AppValley Profile gets downloaded onto your device – you should see the prompt on your screen profile downloaded prompt
  4. Before you can use it, you must first install the profile. Open the Settings app on your device and head to General > Profiles and Device Management section
  5. Find the AppValley profile on the top of the valley profile ios 13
  6. Tap the blue Install button, enter your device passcodeappvalley VIP ios 13
  7. AppValley will be installed and can now be used directly from your Homescreenappvalley app ios 13 iphone 11 pro
  8. If AppValley doesn’t install on your device, give it another go – it could take a few attempts to get it installed.

That’s how easy it is

Wait, there’s more

Fix Unable to Verify App Error:

unable to verify app ios

Apple doesn’t like official content and the Unable to Verify App error is just one way of stopping you. Fixing this involves a few seconds of your time:

  1. Opening your Settings app, tap on General
  2. Go to the Profiles section and look for the right app profile in the list on the screen
  3. Tap it and tap Trust
  4. Now the error won’t show when you use the app

Safe to Use on iOS 13:

App Valley is one of the safest app installers to be released and works perfectly – and safely – on iOS 13. Offering users a massive choice of apps and games, lots of them are 3rd-party and with extra features, along with some of the top tweaks like games emulators and screen recorders, AppValley is a fantastic choice of installer. The developers have tested this installer before releasing it, and we’ve tested it too and can confirm it is safe to use. Plus, the developers monitor it and fix any problems as they arise. Regular updates keep AppValley safe and introduce new features on a regular basis.

We’re not done yet

Stop App Crashing on iOS 13:

Every day, more and more people turn to unofficial apps to get the content they want rather than what Apple says they can have. Sadly, because these apps are not official, Apple revokes the app certificates on a regular basis, leaving users having to reinstall everything and start over. You don’t need to do this – all you need to do, when AppValley is installed, is install a recommended VPN to protect both you and your app certificates.

Don’t miss out

AppValley is one of the very best third-party app installers and is also one of the safest. With full support for iOS 13, this is one installer you don’t want to miss out on.

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35 thoughts on “AppValley iOS 13 – iOS 13.2.3”

  1. Hi Appvalley, I am one of your new users and am enjoying the app! However, there was one thing that disappointed me the most which is you do not have the “Bloons Tower Defence 6” app and it was one of the only reasons y I downloaded your app.It would mean the world to me if you could add the game into your app for free. It would also be great if it was not hacked and it is the exact same as the original game and just made free! Hopefully you could look into this and keep up with the amazing work! 🙂

  2. Hey AppValley. There is nothing wrong with your app or anything. But I was just asking if you could make a tweaked version of the game choices. Like having unlimited diamonds. I don’t know if you were the people who make the tweaked versions, but I still had to ask. Thank you.

  3. There does not appear to be a download button on your apps when I click on them I’m new to app valley but have ysed other apps similar to this before I cant figure out how to actually download the apps.

  4. Hi, was wondering if there is anyway that the games Design My Room and Home Design can be tweaked to allow unlimited cash and diamonds?? If not then thank you for your time..

  5. It doesn’t let me verify any apps, i’m on IOS 13.1.3 and when i try to verify apps it says “Unable to Verify “iPhone Distribution: Hankou Bank Ltd.” Apps” ‘A network connection is required to verify “iPhone Distribution: Hankou Bank Ltd.” apps on this iPhone. Connect to the internet and try again.”
    I am connected to the internet though, so not sure why it’s not verifying apps

  6. iOs 13.2.3 não funciona o app. Tento fazer download consta como “Unable”. Uso app valley há um tempo e gostaria que resolvessem para que eu continuasse usando

  7. Hi, when I downloaded app valley it doesn’t let me download any of the apps. The “Get” buttons are all gray instead of the normal green and when i click on them the apps just say unavailable. please help fix this

  8. Guys, unfortunately, all the apps are unavailable to download. It is written “Unavailable” in grey space where should be the “get” button. Please check out the problem

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