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Long-time fans of the excellent MovieBox app are disappointed by the fact that it is not available anymore. But we do have some good news for you – there are several great alternatives that let you watch your favorite shows and movies.

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Top 5 MovieBox Alternatives:

We’ve taken the time to search out these legal alternatives ( not all ) for you and made sure that they are Safe to Use. We’ve narrowed the list down so read on to see what we recommend in place of MovieBox.

Let’s dive in

In no particular order:


hulu app

This list wouldn’t be complete without the well-known Hulu included in it. One of the best-known sources for streaming movies, shows, and other content, it enjoys regular updates and works on all the major platforms, including Chromecast. It is a web-based streaming app, but it offers one-click access to tons of movies and shows.

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We’re not done yet

Tubi TV:

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Tubi TV is relatively new to the world of online streaming and isn’t the biggest service. However, it is a fast-growing service and what it does offer is a comprehensive choice of movies and shows in all different genres. It doesn’t have offline mode, so you do need a working internet connection and you will need to sign up for an account – this is free.

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Kodi is a well-known name in streaming circles. It is an open-source media center that is free to download, regularly updated and offers a ton of add-ons that you can install to get your movies and shows. Simply download it, find and install an addon and enjoy.

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Wait, there’s more

MediaBox HD:

mediabox hd

Another cool alternative is MediaBox HD. Brought to us by a group of developers who opted to bundle their APIs into one service, MediaBox HD really does offer something for everyone and is very reliable and simple to use.

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Last but not least



CotoMovies is a replacement for BobbyMovie, another popular app that has now gone. Brought to us by the same developers, CotoMovie is already proving popular, with plenty of movies and shows to choose from. And you have the choice of streaming direct or downloading for offline viewing. CotoMovie is an Android app, but the steps to get it onto your iOS device or desktop are really quite simple.

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Your turn

Every one of these alternatives is well worth the time to download and try. Each offers something slightly different and not all offer the ability to watch offline.

They are all free though so try them out and see which one suits your needs the best. Don’t forget to tell us what you choose and why, and follow us on Facebook for more cool tips like this.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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    • thanks, we have used the information given by you in the tutorial and updated the information. Apparently, the developers of this app are trying to get some sort of payment or similar to provide the users with an “INVITATION” code. We are not sure what is it. While there are so many good alternatives like the CotoMovies and MediaBoxHD app.

  1. I had the same problem….. go directly to app valley once installed and verified… install movie box from within app valley

    moviebox pro app

      • post updated. please check. turns out the guys made a closed group of individuals only who can invite each others to watch movies., dis-allowing outsiders.

        Above are some good alternatives.

    • i agree to you, its still available on AppValley, but gets this weird “invite code” requests that nobody seems to have. try the alternatives listed above, please.

  2. MovieBoxPro Installs and is verified but just get MovieBox Pro icon on black screen and it never opens

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